We are rapidly approaching the end of the tax year …….

We are rapidly approaching  the end of the tax year and it is now time for clients to check that they have carried out their year end tax audit and used the reliefs and exemptions  that would otherwise  be lost.

As you plan to secure your financial future it is important you take action to avoid missing  out on valuable tax savings and allowances that expire after 5th April.

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New Years Resolutions

Well, here we are. It’s cold, it’s been snowing and Christmas music is on the radio – it must be December. I’m not the biggest lover of Christmas (although I do enjoy the regular consumption of cheese and wine) so I’m going to skip right past December 25th and talk about New Years resolutions.

A quick search of the internet shows that the most common resolutions are health-related: more exercise and salad, less wine and TV box sets. Spending more time with family is usually high up, as is taking up a new hobby, whilst every now and then the old chestnut of ‘save more, spend less’ appears.

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Have you thought about making a £3,600 pension contribution for a relative?

Who could benefit?


What are the benefits?

Encourages savings and cannot currently be accessed to age 55

Tax relief – for a contribution of £2,880 the tax relief would be £720 making the gross contribution £3,600, this equates to 20%

Tax-free growth

For inheritance tax purposes, the contributions could potentially be outside of your Estate

This can be completed each tax-year and for each relative

If the relative earns more than £3,600 then you can pay up to their earnings minus any contributions already paid


With Cash ISA interest rates so poor, this is a great way to effectively make an immediate 20% return, which based on current cash ISA rates would take you over 10 years to make.
If you wish to discuss this in further detail, please get In touch

Written by Dale Regan

Should I stay or should I go? The clash of Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution Schemes

Defined benefit pension schemes are seen as one of the best types of pension schemes to be a member of and were not so long ago referred to as the gold standard of pensions. However, there is now a clash between defined benefit schemes and defined contribution schemes after the new pension flexibility rules have come into force and high transfer values are currently available.

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The banking world

We need banking but we don’t need banks anymore. Bill Gates, 1997. 

Traditional banks have bloated, costly infrastructure and are in a state of inertia, it is, in this environment that a new reality of financial services will emerge. Banking is no longer defined or hemmed in by physical artefacts or a physical distribution network, the effects of the mobile phone and internet are causing a change in the paradigm of financial practices, distribution models and the competitive landscape. 

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The New Guy

My first Month with FB Wealth Management.

The eagle-eyed amongst you might have a noticed a new face pop up on our Social Media sites last week. Well, that new face is me, so now I’ve settled in, met the team myself and found the kettle, I thought it would be good to introduce myself properly.

I joined FB Wealth Management at the end of June as a Paraplanner, someone who supports our IFAs in bringing clear, well researched solutions to our clients. The first month has gone extremely quickly; there has been a huge amount to take in but my new colleagues are very welcoming and it already feels like home.

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